About Marie

My career path has been non-linear. Along the way, I’ve worked as a tree planter, canoeing instructor and multi-day trip guide, geophysical technician, technical writer, and psychotherapist in private practice. I’ve facilitated small groups with a focus on healing inner wounds, as well as taught psycho-educational programs. I’m now combining my accumulated experience into a writing-coaching business, sharing what I love most about the writing process.

I’ve been writing ever since I could make pencil squiggles on paper. I’ve been a coaching student in the Love Your Words Mastermind for six years, a deep dive experience into the power of stories and words, learning the craft of writing. Within the Mastermind, I have embodied new stories for myself, letting go of old tales of pain, limitation, and silence. In January 2016, I was accepted into the UBC Vancouver Manuscript Intensive, paired with a mentor, Cathleen With, who guided the development of my book manuscript.

I have an abiding curiosity and desire to explore, whether it’s my inner landscape through journal writing, or hiking in beautiful surroundings, walking ancient trails in Europe, or paddling my sea kayak near my Vancouver Island home that I share with my husband of over 30 years. Good quality dark chocolate always fuels my travels. I take time out each year for silent meditation retreats, nurtured by spaces of no words. Restoring balance.

Are you a lover of credentials? Here are mine

  • Bachelor of Arts (English)/ Bachelor of Physical and Health Education – Queen’s University
  • Diploma after Degree – University of Calgary, Teacher Education
  • Master of Arts in Counselling, Gonzaga University
  • Canadian Certified Counsellor through Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association
  • Registered Social Worker (Alberta)
  • Integrative Body Psychotherapy – advanced training
  • Hakomi Mindfulness-based Psychotherapy – advanced training
  • Canadian Recreational Canoe Association – Master Trainer (moving water, canoe tripping, lake water canoeing)
  • Calgary Family Life Education Council – Small Group facilitation training
  • Love Your Words Mastermind (2010 – present; from student to teaching support team)
  • Vancouver Manuscript Intensive (Betsy Warland) – mentor Cathleen With

November 2016 I decided to submit a chapter for an anthology entitled, “When Women Talk”. In December I felt paralyzed by self-doubt about what to say. Was my story worth sharing? Would anyone listen? Marie was there for me, supporting me with a process that allowed me to hear the power of my words. Marie also reminded me why I chose to share this transformative time in my life. I trusted her, and therefore trusted myself. When I sent my draft to the book coach for feedback, she responded: “Excellent writing and storytelling.”

I was thrilled. However, I wasn’t finished yet. As I worked with revisions, Marie was there for me. I trusted her with my vulnerable writer-self, sharing more tender pieces of my history. In March 2017, I submitted my new chapter with final edits.

In my opinion, Marie is the “best ever” writing midwife.

Bonnie Earl

I am committed to guiding women exploring who they are and why they are here by championing the writer within.

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