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Have you had words swirling around your head and weighing heavy on your heart for many years but never dared to put pen to paper because of a nagging inner critic holding you back? Are you at the point in your life where you are ready to invest in your self-development and say YES to YOU for a change?
As your writing guide, I take you to a deeper understanding of what holds you back in your writing and counteract the resistance. We explore your inner workings and find the gems within your life experiences and what’s strong within your storytelling style. I am a constant support helping you fall in love with your words again, heal past wounds, and find your true self and purpose.

Writing Circles

Does your inner critic show up in the form of procrastination? If you are looking for a safe container to share your writing without judgment but with ample constructive input in a community of support, I’ve got the right group for you. Our writing accountability circle is an intimate gathering for your self-directed writing goals. We meet in a group online once a month where we discuss our projects, help each other through obstacles, and celebrate together when we accomplish what we set out to do. We also meet one on one for a coaching session two times during the four month commitment. I will provide you with a recording of group calls each month to refer to any wisdom I and the others have shared about your work.

Sessions run for 4 consecutive months, three times a year. For more information, or to sign up contact me here.

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Are you full of questions and looking for a bit more knowledge about the writing process? These workshops are designed to offer clarity and confidence on your writing adventure. Topics include:

Where do I start?

Does the sight of a blank page strike fear in your heart? I have many resources available to help you get going and move past the inner critic that brings up self-doubt and old messages and experiences, so that you can grow into the writer of your dreams. I take you on an adventure of writing prompts and then watch you take off with a flurry of ideas.

Moving through writer’s block

Everyone has a story to tell, and many of us are longing to share an important story with others. Yet, we all too often hold back thinking that no one will listen and that our words don’t matter. Perhaps we worry that our words won’t be good enough, or that there are already enough words in the world. Whatever the reason, wherever you are in your writing process, I have the skills and experience to guide you through those roadblocks.

Maintaining Momentum

We all have busy lives, and today’s good idea can get lost in that big list of things to do, places to go and people to see. This workshop focuses on helping you keep your
focus on writing. My gentle guidance and structure will ensure that the writing continues to unfold in a way that feels respectful of your other priorities in life.

One-Day Writing Retreats

The great outdoors is filled with art from its colourful displays to its symphonies of sound. We take a journey through Mother Nature’s bounty of inspiration, find grounding deep within ourselves and connect to our newly awakened imaginative ideas. We create a safe and nurturing environment for writing and sharing our words.

Our next day-long retreat will be held on Vancouver Island, BC. You may wish to host a retreat in your area. For more information contact me here:

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Weekend Retreats for Renewal and Transformation

Between your everyday obligations and stressors holding you back from your writing project and your inner editor taking away all of the fun when you do sit down to write, no wonder your writing—and ultimately your self—sit at the bottom of your priority list.

What if you could just get away from it all and immerse yourself in a transformational experience through your writing. Learn to fall in love with your words, connect to your writing voice and watch yourself flourish.

Our next weekend writing retreat will be non-residential, beginning Friday evening, November 23 and ending Sunday early afternoon on November 25th and will be held in Courtenay, BC on Vancouver Island.

For details about location or to sign-up contact me here

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Marie was my coach and editor for an article I was writing for an anthology. She gave me practical, hands-on support to get my writing started right away. My submission was ultimately chosen for the book, Conscious Living – Conscious Aging (2014). Since then, Marie supports me in my writing goals, recording my Nature experiences and life stories for my memoir. She has taught me many tools to deal with the inner editor that would otherwise block my creativity. Her listening skills are superb. She hears the hidden meaning in my words and helps me find what is most useful to me. She is supportive while challenging me to move through difficult places. In workshop settings, Marie easily creates an environment that is safe for honest sharing and offers skill development while having fun. I heartily recommend Marie as a coach for anyone who has a longing to write!

Diane Allan

I am committed to guiding women exploring who they are and why they are here by championing the writer within.

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