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I am committed to guiding women exploring who they are and why they are here by championing the writer within.

It’s your time! Yes, you who have been looking after others and tending to everyone around you as that dream inside you grew and set up a yearning that can no longer be ignored. It’s time to say yes to playing with words - to allow yourself to feel and hear the power of what has been held back all these years - within a safe and supportive circle. There is a place for you at this writing table, within a group committed to reclaiming voice. You travel together, sharing laughter, tears, setbacks and celebrations, seen and heard in powerful ways that may transform your life.

Think You Can't Write? Breaking Through Barriers

Working with the
inner critic

Healing past wounds with writing

Love your
words again

Finding yourself
in your writing

We all have that voice in our mind that edits us and holds us back from our greatness, and for writers this inner editor can be even louder. Marie will share with you how to write around the inner critic and never freeze up at the blank page again.

Not all writing has to be for publication or meant to help others. Writing is an excellent way to explore your past experiences, only as deeply as you chose, and find peace, comfort, and inner wisdom. Explore safely with Marie’s expert guidance.

Were you ever told by a teacher or colleague that you can’t write? Has a less than glowing critique of your words stopped you from ever putting pen to paper again? Marie uses a process of deep listening that helps you connect with your writer’s voice and love your words again.

One of the most rewarding adventures writing can offer is getting to know the writer that has been hiding deep within yourself. In the sanctum of the coaching relationship you will become fearless about digging around and finding the hidden gems inside you.

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November 2016 I decided to submit a chapter for an anthology entitled, “When Women Talk”. In December I felt paralyzed by self-doubt about what to say. Was my story worth sharing? Would anyone listen? Marie was there for me, supporting me with a process that allowed me to hear the power of my words. Marie also reminded me why I chose to share this transformative time in my life. I trusted her, and therefore trusted myself. When I sent my draft to the book coach for feedback, she responded: "Excellent writing and storytelling."

I was thrilled. However, I wasn’t finished yet. As I worked with revisions, Marie was there for me. I trusted her with my vulnerable writer-self, sharing more tender pieces of my history. In March 2017, I submitted my new chapter with final edits.

In my opinion, Marie is the "best ever" writing midwife.

Bonnie Earl