When Dreams Come True

What happens when it finally feels “real”?

Have you ever had a big hairy dream that seemed far away, but the vision of what you were creating kept you focused? You worked towards that dream over the years, each step taking you closer to making it happen. And suddenly you realized that dream is right here. It’s real, and it’s happening!

That’s where I am right here, right now, preparing my manuscript for publication. My “it feels real” moment was receiving the finalized book cover for The Chocolate Pilgrim. Surprisingly, my emotional response to seeing that stunning book cover was trepidation and anxiety. What was wrong with me? Why didn’t I feel joy, excitement and celebration?

When I checked in with other writers, I discovered that my reaction is common. It’s one thing to write within the safe container of my writing group. I’ve had wonderful support and encouragement as I shared rough drafts. Publishing my book means that my words will go out to an unknown audience, and there may be readers who are critical, who don’t like what I’ve written. I am developing the strength to stand with my words, no matter what others may think. I have written from a deep place within me, and distilled my experience in a way that I believe will serve my ideal readers. So I am called to trust – trust that my book will find its way to my ideal audience. Trust that I have the ability to withstand whatever positive strokes or criticism that may be directed toward me as an author. I love my words and have put my best self into my manuscript. People will think whatever they think, and in the end, publishing my book it isn’t about me. This is a big lesson in getting my ego out of the way.

The book publishing process also involves launches and readings, as well as public speaking events. I’m an introvert who prefers to be quiet in her writing space, not in groups. However, by saying yes to publishing, I look forward to opportunities to meet my audience. I want to develop relationships with my readers, sharing what prompted me to write and what I have learned along the way. I get excited about that possibility.

I am focusing on one person who will receive a lifeline of support by hearing what I have to say. Is that you?

If you would like to learn more about my book and related events, please go to my website, www.mariemaccagno.com  

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