Two More Myths About Writing A Book

Myth #1 –

Writing is a solitary act. To be a successful writer, I have to spend most of my time alone.

Writing is a solitary act, one I’ve come to savour and look forward to. I block off time for myself in my calendar, the way I’d make time for a doctor’s appointment. However, the time I spend with other dream-enablers is as important as the time I spend on my own. I’ve had my greatest breakthroughs in writing as a result of sharing my words in groups of like-minded creative people. Other listeners have been able to hear the beauty in my words when I haven’t had the ears to hear. I’ve received support and encouragement when my belief in myself has been depleted.

I am now offering writing circles, retreats and deep-dive masterminds so I can teach the powerful process that has transformed my relationship with writing. I am passionate about supporting writers to love their words within a nurturing circle. My book, The Chocolate Pilgrim, has been birthed as a result of my connection with others.

Myth #2–

Writing a book shouldn’t take more than a year or two to complete.

INNER CRITIC VOICE: Any self-respecting author would have had their book finished by now (after three, four, five or more years.)

My book has taken approximately four years to bring to completion, once I realized that I was actually writing a book. In fact, The Chocolate Pilgrim has been in progress for many years, as I collected life experience and digested life lessons.

Our society seems to have timelines for life events: grief, loss, writing. I’m not sure where these timelines originate, but I haven’t been able to contain my emotional life into any neat boxes my whole life. My writing life is the same. So to those critics, both inner and outer, I respond by saying:

I’m taking the time I need. My writing comes a deep and authentic place and it takes time to uncover the gold buried in my experience. As my book is in the final stages of publication, I’m grateful for the time I’ve taken to ensure that I’ve crafted the words and the story I am meant to tell, that I will reach my ideal readers, who are waiting to read what I am publishing. My care and attention is evident in The Chocolate Pilgrim, and I am proud of my accomplishment. I look forward to celebrating the arrival of my book with you.

If you would like to learn more about my writing circles and retreats, and my book, The Chocolate Pilgrim, please go to my website for details:

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