Some Heartfelt Valentine Thoughts About Writing Coaches

Okay it’s time for some confessions. I’ve been offering one-day writing workshops and retreats for almost two years, and I love the energy we build together. Very often the people who show up think they are not writers, and by the end of a day-long event, their entire physical demeanour has shifted. Bodies are more open, faces smiling, eyes bright, beaming confidence.

You might be asking, how does this happen? I teach people how to observe and write from all the senses. The writing that draws us in, keeps us interested, is sensual. It engages our hearts, minds, and our bodies. We feel powerful writing. One-day workshops are a great introduction into a world of possibilities. They are like a fabulous first meeting; a first date, where sparks fly, and you are left wanting more.

If ever you have wondered why you might sign up for a longer-term commitment to a writing coach, or a writing group led by a mentor like myself, read on and consider the possibility that your powerful writing deserves more! It deserves the time and attention you give to the most important relationships in your life. It deserves a safe place to explore, and experiment, and savour. To be playful, and vulnerable too.

Imagine how much more you might be able to explore in your writing as the connections with your mentor and others in the circle continue to grow. Picture your writerly self fully engaged; experiencing the exquisite pleasure that putting words to paper can be. Imagine the satisfaction you will feel when you read your words and say to yourself, “Damn, that’s great! Oh, I love that phrase!” Or, “Wow, I wrote that! I never thought of myself as a writer.” Dreams you haven’t dared to dream start to emerge.

Envision your circle of dream-enablers cheering you on, as they listen for what’s strong in your writing and reflect that back to you. Even if you, in that moment, cannot see the beauty of your own words. I continue to be surprised by what others hear when I read aloud, and I always come away feeling encouraged to go deeper into my fresh writing with renewed excitement.
Writing is a life-long relationship. Imagine if you treated your desire to write like you would a lover – one that you treasure, that you nurture and make time for?

I would love to create that opportunity for you. Give yourself a great gift on Valentine’s Day. Contact me for a free connection call, so we can explore what your next best steps might be.

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