Recognizing your Inner Critic

Some of my earliest memories are about my longing to write a book.

Maybe more than one book, filled with magical adventures, discovering lands and mythical creatures beyond my home. However, my mother said things like, “You can’t put food on the table with dreams” and “Get your head out of the clouds.” “You have an over-active imagination!” The child, and then the adult in me came to believe that writing obviously wasn’t an acceptable path to take, so I buried that desire until the age of
55, when I finally decided it was time to make my dream a reality. Not that I had a book idea in mind, it’s
more like I said “yes” to myself and my desire to write. The right coach appeared at exactly that time, so
I signed up for her group program, designed to nurture emerging writers. It changed my writing and my

During my journey of being coached, I learned a lot about my internal critic, the one who tries to
stop me from believing in myself. You know – the critical voices and thoughts about ourselves and our
abilities that we have accumulated through the years and which hold us back from realizing our dreams –
– if we continue to listen to them! When I heard others in the group reflect back what was strong in my
writing and pointing out words and phrases they loved, most often those were the words I thought were
awful. They were the words I was afraid to write. With the support of the coaching circle, I began to
recognize my internal critical messages. I once believed everything she said and she held tremendous
power over me. I now personify her as “The Smoker”, a bitter old woman, hunched over, suspicious,
smoking cigarettes and throwing out negative comments about everyone and everything around her. If
you’re curious, check out my video, to hear more about what she sounds like:

The good news is that I no longer make decisions based on what she has to say! And more good news – my award-winning book, The Chocolate Pilgrim, was launched in the fall of 2017. It’s possible to make your dreams a reality!

Do you recognize the voice of your internal critic? Perhaps someone like my “Smoker” is lurking inside of you, quietly making comments that have you doubting your dreams, your inner knowing, and your strengths. I have tamed the power of critical voices through the practice of writing and sharing my words aloud in a supportive circle. This is what I offer to those who choose to work and play with me. I want you to feel what it is like to love your words, and in that process, open up to new possibilities.

There’s a bigger version of you, waiting to be seen and heard.
Get in touch with me at to learn more about possibilities for you and your writing.

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