New Year, New Word

Six years ago, I was introduced to the power of choosing a word for the year. I was in a coaching program at the time, and our coach stated, “When you choose a word, the universe knows what to send you. If you don’t choose a word, you’ll end up with chaos.” At the time, I thought I had nothing to lose, especially since I’m not a big fan of chaos. Here are the basic elements of the process I’ve been using since 2012:

  • Select a journal that you will use specifically for this process. Find something special that reflects some aspect of you and your gifts.
  • Review the year that has gone by. Celebrate your successes, and notice any of those things you’d like to change. Look for the learning in those things that might not have gone so well. There is always something to celebrate.
  • Choose a quiet time and space, and spend time in stillness. Connect with the word or phrase that is emerging to guide 2019.
  • When you have your word or phrase, write it in your journal. Then take time (this might be more than one sitting) to envision your dreams and goals for 2019. What do you want to manifest in the coming year? Flesh out those ideas, to the best of your ability, and have fun with this.
  • When you feel complete with this process, put your journal away until December 2019. Do not look at it again until you are ready to begin again, starting with your review of the year that is coming to an end.

Before I opened my “Word for the Year” journal a few days ago, I gave myself the writing prompt, “What are the ways I stepped out of my comfort zone in 2018?” There were many. Then when I read over what I had recorded in December 2017, I was surprised and amazed at how the word I chose guided my actions throughout the year. I am fully convinced that I don’t even have to remember what the word is, or what my dreams and goals are!

What is opening for you now? Is this the year you take a courageous next step and move towards your heart’s desire? Is this when you make a choice to say yes to your creativity? If writing is something you’ve long dreamed of, wait no longer. Contact me through my website at and let’s have a conversation.

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