Learning to Love Your Words

Imagine sharing the story you’ve been working on for days, weeks, or even months of writing, editing and revising in your solitary space. 

Now I invite you to envision two possible scenarios. In the first one, your audience is critical and dismissive, pointing out all the flaws, gaps and technical errors in your creation. You hear very little positive in the feedback you receive, and you come away feeling deflated. This project you’ve poured your heart and soul into no longer seems important.

Perhaps you have received this type of critical feedback, and you may still carry that rejection within you.

Now I invite you to consider a second possible scenario in which the audience points out the strengths in your writing, the phrases that stand out and the beauty that shimmers in your draft.  Suggestions for changes are framed in ways that encourage you to rush back to your writing draft and have fun.

Do you want the opportunity to write and share your words within a supportive writing circle, where everyone is guided to listen for what is strong in each piece? Where your listeners have the skills to provide feedback in a way that energizes you to revise your work-in-progress with positive energy? Then get in touch with me to find out more. 

The writing process I teach nurtures writers and their writing at every stage of development.  You will be encouraged and guided to work through the stages of writing, to ultimately create and publish for your ideal audience.  I know; I’ve worked with this process for many years and used it to publish my memoir: The Chocolate Pilgrim [www.mariemaccagno.com/books]. 

It’s a process that has the power to transform your relationship to your words. 

When you learn to hear the beauty of your words, you are learning to love your words and your life.

It’s a life-long journey. Join me for the adventure!?

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