How Big Can You Dream?

How big can you dream? What leap are you ready to make? That’s what I was asking myself at the end of December 2018, as I was considering the question: “What do I want to be offering in three years? One item that I wrote down was: “Host a week-long writing retreat in an exotic location in 2021.” A week later, I asked myself, “Why wait for three years?” and made the leap: I’m going to host a retreat in 2019! And within ten days, I had booked a retreat centre in Bali. Now I’m inviting you to join me for, “Writing from the Heart – Bali Retreat”, happening November 24 – 30th at the end of this year.

Say yes to yourself and join me in Bali. Imagine yourself surrounded by tropical beauty, within a circle of support, writing and celebrating your words with ease. Envision connecting with those stories you've been longing to tell. Receive the gift of time and attention in an award-winning retreat setting. This is a time to focus on you, nourishing your creative vision.

Kick-start your commitment to writing your book! Deep inside, you have powerful words to share, and yet something holds you back. You will experience support from the inside-out; learning to manage and channel the inner critic who shows up when your most exciting ideas arrive. You will learn how to listen to the words of others, hearing what’s strong and effective and transfer these emerging skills for your own anchored-in-the-senses writing.

Journey on in your life with a deeper connection to your writing voice; with techniques that enable powerful words to show up on the page, wherever you are. Know, deep in your bones, that your words matter, your voice matters. Discover the feeling of being deeply heard and valued. Best of all, you will leave with unforgettable memories, connections with other adventurous spirits, and written words you have learned to love, excited to continue on your writing journey.

This is your time!

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