A Common Myth About Writing

Writing is a solitary act. To be a successful writer, I have to spend all my time alone.

I used to believe in the classical image of the lonely author, huddled away in a cold attic studio, a single candle casting light on the page as they scratch away at their future best-selling novel. For some writers, a high level of solitude is necessary, and the act of writing is a solitary endeavour. However, not all of us need to isolate from others in order to develop our manuscripts. I discovered that I need to regularly surround myself with other dream-enablers in order to complete my book. My writing group continues to meet, sharing our “words in progress”. Within the circle of listeners we listen for what is strong and make skilful suggestions for change when the author makes that request. Our words grow and take flight, lovingly witnessed by others. The time I spend in writing circles is as important as the time I spend on my own.

I have experienced many breakthroughs in my life as a result of writing in small groups and sharing my words with well-informed listeners.  My writing buddies have heard the beauty in my words when I did not have the ears to hear. I’ve received encouragement when I stopped believing in myself and my goals. I am passionate about guiding others to put words to paper and I am deeply committed to creating spaces where writers come together to write. I am dedicated to providing opportunities for writers to hear the power of their words reflected back within a nurturing circle. I want others to feel the magic of words flowing onto the page.

If you want to experience a compassionate writing process, please contact me. I offer in-person and online writing circles, retreats and a deep-dive one-on-one program.

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