What It Feels Like To Be On Retreat

Why choose a writing retreat? It’s all about what it feels like to unplug from daily routines, the demands and expectations, and letting your creative self be the focus of attention. Each day, tension releases from the body under the care and attention provided by retreat staff, eating meals prepared with love in an intimate setting. It’s also about coming together with others who have said yes to themselves; exploring within a circle of trust.

There is a spaciousness built into my Bali retreat schedule that allows for unstructured hours where you are free to create, explore, rest, or connect with fellow retreat participants. Through it all you are connecting more deeply with yourself, the stories you are meant to write, and the audience you are meant to serve. Whether you are new to the act of writing or come with experience, you are invited to join us.

Come with beginner’s mind, and be prepared to be amazed.

With the guidance of a skilled facilitator, you discover that your words come more easily each day, and you love what you read as you share with others. This may not always be the case, because sometimes that voice of the inner critic shows up. And yet, with the support created within the group, you begin to see the beauty of what you have written. It is a new experience, being heard in this way, having your words received and honored so deeply.

There is a deep well of expression residing inside of you that you begin to tap into, an unlimited and overflowing reservoir of creativity where love, laughter, pain, sorrow and love again all reside. You did not know before this how much words matter. You reconnect with how much you love to write.

Not only that, you are learning how to build an ongoing practice, how to mindfully revise your words once you’ve loved on the newborn pieces you’ve created. You are also learning the elements of strong writing, using an organic process that arises directly from the body. It’s a place beyond thought, beyond the rational mind. It’s where magic happens.

Writing from the Heart: a Bali Retreat – November 24 – 30, 2019

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