How to Break Through Writer’s Block

If you're anything like me, September is a month for beginning new projects, that writing project I put off all summer long because there were picnics to go to and lakes to swim in now insists on getting focused attention. Even when you are excited by the ideas swirling in your mind, they don't always cooperate. Words may not leap onto the page the way you envision.

Do you ever find yourself “stuck” in the middle of a writing project, without any inspiration for how to move your story forward? Do you sometimes run out of ideas to keep your readers engaged? Ever find yourself wondering, “Why bother?”

If you've ever had this experience, or you're in the midst of a creative block now, check out this article I have written entitled: "Breaking Through Writer's Block",  outlining eight tips that have helped me, and many of my writing clients, break through creative barriers and finally get words flowing onto the page.

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