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In keeping with welcoming the New Year, the topic for this post is Celebrating. Yes, that’s right. Celebrating.  Many creative people I know miss this very important step in their journey toward finishing a project.

When I talk about “celebration” in this post, I’m referring to a form of honouring, of acknowledgement. I don’t think I would have been able to get to the finish line of publishing my book if I hadn’t been able to pause and notice what I had accomplished each day, each week. Adding in the step of acknowledgement to your creative process will have big results over time.

If the idea of celebrating seems foreign to you, this might be the ideal time to try something different!
What have you got to lose?

Since celebrating is unique to each person, use the basic framework and come up with your own ways of honouring your creative process. Here’s what works for me and others in my writing circles:

    • Choose a notebook or journal for recording your wins, your accomplishments. Write down three things each day that helped you move closer to your writing goals. If you miss a day or two or three,  make sure you return to this practice.
    • For 2020 I’ve started to work on the first draft of what I envision to be my next book. My first step is taking all the handwritten pieces in my notebook and typing them into a file folder entitled, “My Next Book”.
        • Yesterday, I celebrated that I typed in three pieces of fresh writing. (That could be my three things!)
        • I’ve re-organized my digital file so it’s easier to find
        • I read a quote in a book that applies to the material I’ve been generating.  I added that reference into my draft-in-progress.
    • Sometimes it might feel like I’ve done nothing. And yet, if I sit down and spend some time with my focus on,” What can I celebrate?” there’s a whole array of actions to choose from. Break everything down into smaller and smaller parts. The thinking, the dreaming, and the doing are all part of the creative process.
    • Creative celebration is not just about rainbows and unicorns and cake! It’s also for some of the hard slogging that might be part of your process. Did you spend time in silence, noticing that you’re feeling some fear about moving forward in your project?  Celebrate that!
    • Dance it out!!! Celebrate your determination, your creative vision, the network of support around you, and your ability to reach out and ask for help.
    • Shout it out! Celebrate with the trees in the forest, or the ocean or your special place.
    • Acknowledge the great partner who takes on more of the household chores so you have time at home to focus on writing. Acknowledge the friends who support your creative dreams. Whatever it might be – there’s always something!

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