3 Ways Online Writing Groups Help You De-Stress

These are times of great changes and uncertainty. In order to stay out of fear and overwhelm, I’ve been doing regular daily practices to keep me grounded in this present moment. One of my teachers has suggested that after my morning meditation, I take time to write at least three things that I’m grateful for. I can feel my energy shifting as I do this simple, yet profound practice.

Writing is one way of coping with all the challenges that the pandemic has presented. Putting pen to paper can begin to free up blocked energy, and create a shift in mind-state. It’s especially potent when the writing and sharing happens in a group – even when that group is online. Writing with others offers a structured way to consolidate your solo time discoveries, while at the same time you are given new ways to continue developing your craft.

All my writing programs are now being hosted online. The structure for online meetings is the same as when we meet in person; what’s different is that there we’re connecting using technology. Although video meetings do not feel exactly the same as in-person, there is still great value in writing in an online group. Participants have been contacting me to let me know that writing from prompts helps them to shift perspective, to loosen up fear, and to feel calmer. Writing prompts provide a focus to explore, which truly disconnects you from "real life" for a while.

When the timed writing is complete, writers are then invited to read and share their words aloud. We all listen for what is strong in each person’s writing. This process is very different than a regular conversation. Sometimes there are tears, and sometimes we laugh together. What’s important is that we are connecting with each other at a heart level. Physical distancing does not have to mean “emotional distancing”. Far from it.

 So consider this your personal invitation. Instead of talking about the latest COVID statistics, why not join an online writing circle and get inspired with your group of like-minded friends.

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