It’s Never Too Late To Start Writing

“I’m too old to write.” I had that thought many times as I was writing the manuscript for my book. Here I was over fifty years old, just starting out. What was I thinking?

I had long dreamed of becoming a writer. When I’d wonder aloud, “How does one become a writer”, my mentor would reply, “A writer is someone who writes.” So I finally made the leap and joined a writing group at age 55.  I haven’t looked back since!

When I was evaluating my next steps in life in my early fifties, I realized that I was no closer to my dream of writing and publishing a book than I was at 5 years old.  That revelation led to my commitment to take a step towards becoming a writer.  There were several times I thought that I was too old, even back then. Now, over ten years later, and as a published author, I have learned that only way to realize a dream is to take the first step. And then the next step. When you say Yes to your dream, the teacher will appear.

So to counteract the myth of “I’m too old”, I want to say, “You’re never too old to start writing! In fact right now is the best time to begin.” If you’ve been dreaming of writing imagine how it will feel to begin to commit your words to the page. To one day hold your story manuscript in your hands, sharing it with your intended audience. Why wait?

It’s invigorating to embark on a creative project, whether it’s learning to play the piano, creating objects with clay, or having fun singing in a choir. If your desire to write has been nudging at your heart, perhaps this is your time to say “yes” and begin.

When you join a writing group, there is a ready-made audience who will listen respectfully to your words. In fact, that may be one of the most valuable elements of writing in a group:  you have an audience. You know who you are writing for.  If you’ve read about “audience” and “ideal reader” in other insight posts, you’ll know how important the listeners can be to develop your writing.

In my writing circles, there are members of all ages. The process of timed writing from prompts cuts across all categories. Time spent within a supportive writing circle, where you read your words aloud and are listened to respectfully by others, can be a life-changing experience.

Writing and sharing stories is one activity that connects us all. What better time to begin a connecting activity than now? Make the leap and join my next online writing journey:  Step Into Your Story.

Creatively Yours,



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