Bring New Life To Your Partially-Completed Manuscript

Do you have a half-written article or manuscript languishing in a drawer or collecting dust in a shoebox? Perhaps it’s stashed somewhere in a digital folder on your computer. Maybe the words for your great idea haven’t even made it to the page yet. You’re not alone! I’ve been that person myself. That’s why I love working with others who have similar challenges.

What creates blocks between a great idea and a completed project?

Chances are there are a whole host of reasons you never completed your piece. However, in the work that I do with writers (as well as those who don’t think they’re writers) it’s often related to the inner chorus of critical voices. These critical voices are dedicated to squelching our creative ideas, constricting the flow of words like a kink in a watering hose.

Something else is possible!

I want you to close your eyes and envision that you’ve completed your manuscript. You hit SEND as your manuscript makes its way to your publisher. You know there are readers who are eagerly waiting to read your words. You are confident in the story you’ve created, in the beauty of your writing. Take some time to savor this vision: how you feel inside when you’ve completed your story, with a message, a beautiful memory you are sharing with your ideal readers.

It’s time to celebrate – You’ve Done It!

What I’m describing above is exactly the experience of my client, Cynde. When I first met Cynde, her book was only partially written. She wasn’t feeling satisfied with how it was coming together, and set it aside because she didn’t have the right mentor. When she and I met, we decided on an approach that would work for her and her writing began to flow more easily. In all the work I do, whether it’s with individuals or in groups, I always listen for what is strong in the words. There’s always beauty and strength in every version of a draft. Very often a writer has never had the power of their words reflected back to them. Have you?

This journey takes time and focus, with nurturing guidance along the way.

Cynde sent off her manuscript for publishing earlier this week. She and I are both celebrating like crazy!  This experience is also available to you if you have the courage to begin. Check out my free e-book:  Don’t Think You Can Write?  Breaking Through Barriers. Break through your barriers and complete your creative vision.

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