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I’m passionate about making the practice of writing accessible to those of you who are curious about the process we use in Adventures in Writing programs. I’d love to have you experience writing from prompts and sharing together, without finances being a barrier. This is especially important during a time when so many have suffered job loss, business interruptions, and reduced cash flow.

So read on to find out more about what I am planning to launch in the fall of 2020 to support the well-being of potential writers out there. For those of you who are longing for connection during this prolonged time of reduced access to in-person programming, sign up HERE for updates about Marie’s Writing Oasis.

What am I envisioning? A private Facebook group where once a week, I host a free of charge Facebook Live event that is open to everyone in the group. We will write together from a sentence stem or prompt, for a specific amount of time. There may be opportunities for individuals to read their fresh writing aloud, with no feedback or commentary from the listeners. When our time is up, suggestions for follow up will be provided. During the remainder of the week, everyone will be invited to post comments, pieces of writing, suggestions, and celebrations. Together we will build a community of writers.

Why am I doing this? I want more readers to experience the joy of writing together in a supportive group. I’m expanding the ways I can support writers at all levels of experience. This can become your weekly opportunity to drop in, nurture creative connections with others, and feel energized throughout the rest of your week.

If you are interested in what I describe, CLICK here for updates. You will be the first to receive an invitation to join the Facebook group, and our first date for the Facebook Live event.

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