How Online Writing Groups Create Connection

We have been in the midst of restricted access to friends and loved ones. In many geographic regions, physical distancing has resulted in fewer opportunities for building and maintaining relationships. Writing is one way to work with the challenges that the pandemic has presented. Lately, I’ve been noticing some of the surprising ways that connections are fostered through writing and sharing together, even when the meetings are online. 

Within each Adventures in Writing group, writers are given time to write together from a sentence stem, or a prompt. When the timed writing is complete, each person is invited to read their words aloud; always with the understanding that individuals have the right to pass.  This process of writing and sharing provides a safe and trusting environment. Sometimes there are tears, and sometimes we laugh together. The result is that we connect with each other at a heart level. Physical distancing does not have to mean emotional distancing. 

I believe that human beings are story tellers; we are meant to share our stories. In the past our ancestors may gathered around a campfire. Now that we’re using technology as a means of connection, I imagine the Zoom meeting room as our new campfire. Although video meetings may not feel exactly the same as in-person, there are still many opportunities to grow within an online group. Participants report that writing from prompts helps them to shift perspective, to loosen up fear, and to feel calmer. Writing together provides a focus for exploring your immediate experience. When you read aloud, connections are created with others in the virtual circle. We hold each other with respect, with an intention to listen for what’s strong and beautiful. 

So consider this your personal invitation. Why not join an online writing circle and get inspired within a group of like-minded beings. 

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My next writing group, Step Into Your Story, begins on September 29th.

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