How To Maintain Creative Focus During Difficult Times

Transparent moment: These past two weeks have been challenging on the home front. My husband, who is living with a chronic illness, needed to be taken to the emergency room two times, each involving an overnight stay. I was recovering from the first ER event when he needed medical attention again. For many days I had no extra energy for anything beyond my being present to my spouse and immediate family.

I’m grateful to report that at this time, he’s recovering at home after receiving great medical care. What he needs to do now is rest and be kind to himself. I’m borrowing that prescription since I had a few sleepless nights and more than a few anxious moments.

In spite of the challenges, there are gifts in this experience – the gift that comes in ugly wrapping – regarding what matters most to me. I’ve reflected deeply on the reasons for the work that I do, and my role in supporting emerging writers continues to be a high priority. Even when there are difficulties at home, I plan to continue offering programs to serve you. For next while, I’ve made some edits to my business vision:

  1. My creative writing and personal wellbeing are closely linked; I am dedicating more time and space to getting my words onto the page. A new essay-memoir is emerging and I’m excited about this!
  2. My joy and purpose reside in maintaining my writing circles and programs, supporting writers like you to bring their creative ideas to life.
  3. Business expansion is not the most important thing right now. I’m pulling back from expanding further into the social media universe, instead choosing to grow organically from where I am.

I’ve been dropping hints about Marie’s Writing Oasis, which I envision becoming an online hub where we can share, learn, ask questions, and do writing circles together!

However, in the spirit of supporting my existing (wonderful!) community of committed writers, Marie’s Writing Oasis will begin in my mailing list! For those already subscribed, get ready for some drop-in writing circles, more support, and some great offers on upcoming events and programs! If you’re not subscribed yet, join my community and receive a list of 30 writing prompts to spark creative inspiration!

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