Building Your First Draft

February 15 – May 31, 2021 
(Old Dates: March 8-June 21, 2021)

Bi-weekly Mondays @ 5:30–7:30pm PT

Are you working on a longer writing project, like a book or a memoir project to give to extended family members? Instead of toiling away alone, build a committed writing practice, grow your writing skills, and overcome your pesky inner critic within a supportive group of 6 writers. During this four-month program, everyone is focused on generating text to complete a first draft!

Developing your first draft can be overwhelming! The tendency is to stop and try to “fix” it before moving on, which means you may never finish! Are you guilty of this? In this program, we’ll get into a creative space to produce fresh writing and learn how and when to be reflective without losing momentum.

Building Your First Draft includes:
• Bi-weekly 2-hour group sessions
• An hour-long personal coaching session/month where we focus on your manuscript development and work through your biggest challenges

You will:
• Create fresh writing with the goal of completing a first draft that you love
• Develop an empowering, sustainable writing practice
• Grow your courage and deepen your writing skills
• Share your words with a supportive audience who is listening for what’s strong in your writing
• Learn about the next steps: What happens after the first draft?

If you’re interested in saving a spot, please book a 30-minute Breakthrough Session with me so I can learn more about your writing project and goals.

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