Energizing Editing

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Have you hit a wall in your manuscript, where the plot feels sticky and your words aren’t flowing? I designed Energizing Editing just for you! In this focused program, receive clear, supportive feedback from me and a small group of 6 authors at the same stage in their writing journey. 

During this interactive series, the focus is on re-engaging with your incomplete manuscript. You will gain clarity on what is strong in your writing and what needs more work. Implement a clear set of steps to incorporate suggestions for edits in your manuscript.


"I hadn't touched my manuscript for over six months when I joined Energizing Editing. It was half-done, but I wasn't confident about it, and I was getting bored of revising it. Reading it out loud and receiving feedback in Energizing Editing gave me confidence, as well as a clear path forward in revision. 

I solved a lot of inconsistencies in my plot in a short time and got excited about my manuscript again! I wasn't as far away from finishing it as I thought... Six months after Energizing Editing wrapped up, I have a finished manuscript that I'm preparing for a manuscript review!" 

Brittany Veenhuysen

Energizing Editing includes:
• Bi-weekly 2.5-hour group sessions
• Two hour-long personal coaching sessions to provide focused feedback and assist you in the next steps

You will:
• Learn self-editing and revision techniques to refine your incomplete draft and pave the way for the rest of your manuscript
• Solve the mystery of why you hit a wall by learning what is strong and working, versus where there are gaps or confusion
• Lean into what needs more love and attention– engaging dialogue, fuller descriptions, deeper character development, etc.
• Decrease the overwhelm of your whole project by taking it one step at a time
• Contribute and find support in a group of writers at the same stage in the revision process

    PRICE: $895

    If you are looking for a supportive revision process that will take your manuscript to the next level, contact me with your request.

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