Energizing Editing

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    November 2 – December 14 2020
    (Old Dates: October 19-November 30, 2020)

    Bi-weekly Mondays @ 1:00-3:30pm Pacific Time

    Have you completed a first draft of your manuscript or collection of shorter pieces? Congratulations! It’s time to start your revision process. In this focused program, receive clear, supportive feedback from me and a small group of 6 authors at the same stage in their writing journey. 

    During this interactive series you will gain clarity on what is strong in your writing, what needs more work, and implement a clear set of steps to incorporate suggestions for edits in your manuscript.

    Energizing Editing includes:
    • Bi-weekly 2.5-hour group sessions
    • Two hour-long personal coaching sessions to provide focused feedback and assist you in the next steps

    You will:
    • Learn self-editing and revision techniques to refine your first draft and bring it to the next level
    • Decrease the overwhelm of your whole project by taking it one step at a time
    • Contribute and find support in a group of writers at the same stage in the revision process
    • Lean into what needs more love and attention– engaging dialogue, fuller descriptions, deeper character development, etc.
    • Learn about the next steps: What happens after the first revision?

    If you’re interested in saving a spot, please book a 30-minute Breakthrough Session with me so I can learn more about your writing project and goals.

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