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I host a variety of programs and events designed to help you step into writing, develop your unique voice and style, create routines, and achieve your bigger goals.

Each program is designed for a certain stage in your writing journey. The common thread is a small, supportive audience of fellow writers who are listening for what’s strong in your writing. Bringing your vision to life is so much easier within a community of insightful, encouraging writers.

Where are you on your writing journey?

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Step Into Your Story

September 29-October 20, 2020
Tuesdays @ 1:00-2:30pm PT
(2:00-3:30pm MT)

Have you completed a first draft of your manuscript or collection of shorter pieces? Congratulations! It’s time to start your revision process. In this focused program, receive clear, supportive feedback from me and a small group of 6 authors at the same stage in their writing process.

During this interactive series you will gain clarity on what is strong in your writing, what needs more work, and implement a clear set of steps to incorporate suggestions for edits in your manuscript.

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Energizing Editing

November 2 – December 14 2020
(Old Dates: October 19-November 30)

Bi-weekly Mondays @ 1:00-3:30pm PT
(2:00–4:30pm MT)

Have you hit a wall in your manuscript, where the plot feels sticky and your words aren’t flowing? I designed Energizing Editing just for you! In this focused program, receive clear, supportive feedback from me and a small group of 6 authors at the same stage in their writing journey.

We are mid-way through this series and I am basking in the commitment and creativity emerging within the circle. If you would like to be part of the next series, to be offered in 2021, CLICK BELOW to receive updates. 

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Writing from the Heart:
Multi-day Writing Retreat

January 27 – January 31, 2021
(Old Dates: November 4 – 8, 2020)

**Now Online!**

Each year I host a multi-day retreat where you can disconnect from your schedule and commit to your writing. This is a sacred time to reconnect with your deepest stories, practice radical self-care, and transform your writing alongside others on a similar path. Immerse yourself in this experience for five days, and notice the deep level transformation.

Due to restrictions related to the COVID-19 Pandemic, I am excited to announce that I am hosting this Writing From the Heart retreat online! 

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Building Your First Draft

February 8 – May 17, 2021
(Old Dates: March 8-June 21)

Bi-weekly Mondays @ 1:30–3:30pm PT
(2:30–4:30pm MT)

Are you working on a longer writing project, like a book or a memoir project to share with extended family members? Instead of toiling away alone, build a committed writing practice, grow your writing skills, and overcome your pesky inner critic within a supportive group of 6 writers.

During this four-month program, everyone is focused on generating text to complete a first draft!

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Your Private Writing Guide:
One-on-One Coaching

This writing program is perfect if you’re seeking individual support as you deepen your writing practice or embark on a big writing project. As your guide, I work with you to break through whatever may be holding you back in your writing.

We will explore your inner workings and discover the gems within your life experiences to develop what’s strong in your unique storytelling style. Fall in love with your words, heal past wounds, and find your true purpose in writing. Receive support for your specific writing needs and vision! 

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I am available to host writing workshops by request. Experience the transformation that occurs within your group when we write and share together.

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Marie was my coach and editor for an article I was writing for an anthology. She gave me practical, hands-on support to get my writing started right away. My submission was ultimately chosen for the book, Conscious Living – Conscious Aging (2014). Since then, Marie supports me in my writing goals, recording my Nature experiences and life stories for my memoir. She has taught me many tools to deal with the inner editor that would otherwise block my creativity. Her listening skills are superb. She hears the hidden meaning in my words and helps me find what is most useful to me. She is supportive while challenging me to move through difficult places. In workshop settings, Marie easily creates an environment that is safe for honest sharing and offers skill development while having fun. I heartily recommend Marie as a coach for anyone who has a longing to write!

Diane Allan

I am committed to guiding women exploring who they are and why they are here by championing the writer within.

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