Step Into Your Story

    January 27 – January 31 2021
    (Old Dates: November 4 – 8, 2020)

    Each Tuesday @ 1:00-2:30 pm PT

    This online journey is an introductory step into writing; no previous writing experience necessary! We meet each week to create fresh writing from prompts, listen and provide encouraging feedback, and read our writing aloud to a cozy, supportive group of 4 participants. Discover your unique voice and story, and get comfortable sharing it! You also receive a one-on-one coaching session with me to further develop your writing goals.

    Each group session focuses on a specific theme designed to expand perspective, develop your writing muscles, and fall in love with your writing style. Once you complete Step Into Your Story, you’ll be ready to soar.

    Step Into Your Story includes:
    • Four (weekly) 1.5-hour group sessions
    • 1 hour-long personal coaching session

    You will:
    • Create fresh writing from inspiring, exciting prompts designed to make you think deeply and grow your skills as a writer
    • Develop strong habits for a regular writing practice
    • Share your words with a supportive audience who is listening for what’s strong in your writing
    • Learn how to manage your inner critic
    • Become a present, observant listener for your fellow writers in order to motivate and help them grow– writing is not always a solo practice!

    Step Into Your Story is priced on a Sliding Scale:
    $295 - $495 + 5% GST

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